Remember last year?

Because I'm in that kind of mood today, here's another batch of classics last year from our AFC North community:

Cincinnati Bengals

  • "Hey Ochocinco...How's that 'color TV' coming along in Cincinnati? We sure like the 'black and white TV' here in Pittsburgh!"

  • "They are not going anywhere with Cedric Benson at RB."

  • "Bengals...well, do we need to even talk about them?"

  • "Bengals will not win ANYTHING let alone a playoff berth!!!! What a JOKE!!!!! Heck the RAI-DUHS have a better shot at a better record than the Bengals!!!!!!"

  • "Dec. 6th who has a better shot of winning: Cincinnati or Detroit? I'll take 200 on Detroit."

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • "Everyone in the AFC is irrelevant. Steelers rule as usual!!!!!!!!"

  • "The Steelers do have an easier schedule this year and although that favors us, you can be assured that they won't take any team lightly."

  • "What do you expect from Ravens fans? They need to have some kind of hope because even they realize we're headed for seventh heaven next season. Believe it, no one is stopping us. Black and gold for life. Here we go, Steelers, here we go."

  • "We almost had the chance to take Alex Mack over Ziggy Hood...OMG would that have been a mistake...Nothing but reports about Mack getting pushed all over the field so far."

  • "It's Pittsburgh's division to lose, and always has been. Sure that's an over simplification, but basically true."

Baltimore Ravens

  • "We get back Kelly Gregg and Marshal Yanda next year. CHAMPIONSHIP!"

  • "I would say lets go with [Steve] Hauschka. We had Robbie Gould at one time but waived him because we thought [Matt] Stover would last forever. Now Gould is one of the best young kickers in the game (with the Bears), lets give Hauschka a shot this year."

  • "Watch out for a young Jameel McClain to break out. James, go check out McClain cause he is a great story and will be a great addition to one of the best defenses of the 21st century."

  • "Steelers-80% chance of winning the division, 10% chance of winning the SB. Ravens - 20% chance of winning the division, 15% chance of winning the SB."

  • "Bold prediction, I know, but I stand by my words: Baltimore Ravens 2009 AFC North Champions!! Maybe [coach John] Harbaugh can get a ring during his second year, too!!!"

Cleveland Browns

  • "Honestly, I think the Cleveland Browns are going to win it all."

  • "The Browns or Bengals win the North. Now, before you shoot me down, listen to my reasoning. The Browns and the Bengals both have a…lol…who am I kidding? They both suck and neither has a chance they shouldn't even be mentioned with the Ravens and Steelers."

  • "The Browns could start to emerge past the Ravens, and potentially in a year or two be on the Steelers' level."

  • "Browns could be a playoff team."

  • "Cleveland should keep six receivers!!! I don't want to lose Lance Leggett. He has made plays all training camp and a few in the preseason games."

Remember last year?