Five words or less recap

We had another interesting "Five words or less" this week in the AFC North blog.

The picture in question is of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who were former college teammates at USC. Here is a sample of responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

  • John from Nicholasville, Ky., writes: "Have fun winning Super Bowls."

  • MARTIN from Akron, Ohio, writes: "Don't cry, only 4-6 games!"

  • Davidarch4 via Twitter writes: "Thanks for shutting Chad up."

  • Tursini via Twitter writes: "Sorry, thought you were Maualuga."

  • Scott from Beachwood, Ohio, writes: "So what if we cheated?"

  • Drew from Baltimore writes: "Sorry, Ed Reed is better."

  • TJ Wilson from Columbus, Ohio, writes: "I hate the Ravens, too."

  • Shook writes: "I wasn't paid this week."

  • Ilivincin from Cincinnati writes: "I know, Pittsburgh. I'm sorry."

  • Lindzpatterson via Twitter writes: "Bengals sweep the North again."

  • Morgan from Washington, D.C., writes: "Wish we were Ravens."

  • PittsburghMick via Twitter writes: "Steelers thrive in underdog role."

  • RotoExpertNate via Twitter writes: "Ochocinco won't find true love."

  • MikeKling35 via Twitter writes: "Is that how success smells?"

  • Jon from Beavercreek, OH, writes: "Soon we'll be bitter enemies."

  • Keith from Fort Worth, TX, writes: "Troy, wish I was Stiller!"

  • Tim from Cincinnati writes: "We can't all be Bengals."

  • Alex from Baltimore writes: "Is that Head and Shoulders?"

  • G. Williams from Dayton, Ohio, writes: "If we could stay healthy."

  • PorkChop1972 via Twitter writes: "Bengals make believers this season!"