Kuharsky explains Bengals' power ranking

ESPN.com kicked off this week by revealing its training camp power rankings.

But something interesting that stood out for our division was AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky's placement of the Cincinnati Bengals. He rated the defending AFC North champions No. 19, which I noticed raised some eyebrows in our community. (Overall, the Bengals were No. 11.)

So we checked in with Kuharsky to get his explanation:

"I think the Bengals were a bit of a fluke last year. I think Baltimore is going to be really good. I have a hard time seeing the Steelers finishing behind Cincinnati two years in a row. Teams that win divisions by surprise often disappear the next year. I won't be surprised at all if that's the case with the 2010 Bengals."

There is Kuharsky's opinion of Cincinnati. Do you agree or disagree?