Chad Ochocinco tweets about T.O.

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is one of the most popular athletes in the world on Twitter.

On Tuesday evening Ochocinco sent some interesting tweets following the Bengals agreeing to a new contract with his good friend Terrell Owens.

  1. Chad Ochocinco OGOchoCinco #OCNNBREAKINGNEWS My homeboy is a Bengal, all of our games have been moved to pay-per-view, you got to pay to see this shh!
  2. Chad Ochocinco OGOchoCinco @KingJames you ready to play that 3 on 3 now, me TO and Antonio Bryant against you DWade and Bosh
  3. Chad Ochocinco OGOchoCinco I bet i won't see all them damn double teams now! Cedric Benson could have a 2,000 yard season with the attention we gonna command