Browns GM avoids trade rumors

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

BEREA, Ohio -- As everyone knows by now, speculation is running rampant in Cleveland.

Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, quarterback Brady Quinn and the No. 5 overall pick have all made the rounds through the NFL rumor mill this offseason.

Cleveland general manager George Kokinis met with the media Thursday in preparation for next week's NFL draft. He didn't provide much info in terms of trades, but here were some key points:

  • On the subject of moving or not moving Quinn and Edwards, Kokinis referred to both issues as internal and didn't elaborate.

"Internal business is something that we're really not going to discuss,” Kokinis said. "In reference to speculation, rumors and trades and whatnot, it's just not the right thing to do.”

  • The Browns have talked to doctors and received the full medical report on Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, who is a candidate for the No. 5 overall pick. The team has no uneasiness with the lack of 40 time or his recent foot surgery.

  • Kokinis hasn't ruled out taking a quarterback in this year's draft if a player the Browns like at that position is available.

"There is some philosophy that you should take a quarterback in any draft... I'm going to keep that option open for sure," Kokinis said.

  • In terms of current personnel, Browns starting tailback Jamal Lewis had a cleanup procedure on his ankle, and the team hasn't made a decision on the future of receiver Donte Stallworth, who is facing legal trouble after being charged for DUI manslaughter in Miami.