Take your pick recap

We had another good debate in this week's "Take your pick" in the AFC North.

Coming off the addition of Terrell Owens to the Cincinnati Bengals, we asked which team has the better receiving corps: Cincinnati or the Baltimore Ravens?

Here were the responses from our division inbox and Twitter page:

It's the Bengals!

Drew from Covington, Ky., writes: I'd give it to the Bengals. Chad Ochocinco and Anquan Boldin are a wash, and same goes for Derrick Mason and Terrell Owens. So the Bengals’ third best, Antonio Bryant, trumps Donte' Stallworth especially after being out of the league a year. Plus, both Shipley and Caldwell have higher ceilings than any of the others on the Ravens roster.

Billy from Cincinnati writes: I think you have to go with the Bengals wide receivers with the addition of T. O. You have two guys who have been very successful No. 1 receivers, and Bryant is more than a capable No. 2 receiver, and he will now be the No. 3 receiver. This in comparison with Mason getting older and slower plus Boldin not ever being a No. 1 receiver.

Jonezie2 via Twitter writes: It’s easy! Bengals hands down are deeper at WR, with a more seasoned QB to distribute the ball

JoJo from Hamilton, Ohio, writes: Are you seriously even trying to compare Baltimore’s wideouts to the Bengals? It doesn't even make sense. The WRs who get cut in camp for the Bengals would be No. 3 or No. 4 on Baltimore’s squad.

It's the Ravens!

Scott from Crescent Springs, Ky., writes: I'd still pick the Ravens as having the better core of receivers. They have the Pro Bowlers like Cincinnati. But the Ravens WR's don't cause locker room problems like you've seen from T.O. and Ochocinco.

Starblazer 35 via Twitter writes: Ravens receivers. Boldin is still in his prime. Chad and T.O. are over the hill.

RavenManSam via Twitter writes: They're around the same age group and relative amount of success. I'll go with Ravens because T.O. can’t catch.

Sam from Cleveland writes: I think this is too close to call. I truly think both teams are stacked enough at the wideout position that it will come down to Carson Palmer vs. Joe Flacco. Of course everything in football is tied together, so you might say the better passing game will belong to whomever can protect the quarterback better. That said, if only to avoid the headache of Ochocinco and T.O. I'm taking the Raven's receiving corps.

Homer post of the week

Corey from Camp Hill, Pa., writes: Well that's easy, James, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am amazed sometimes at how Hines Ward is typically overlooked as the best receiver in this division. Not only has he had more receiving yards the last two years than Mason, Boldin, or Ochocinco but his yards after the catch are almost double some of those guys. Also, I would take Mike Wallace at this stage of his career vs. any of them, and by season's end (you heard it here first) he will have the best numbers of the group. Throw in Antwaan Randle El, who's return to black and gold should resurrect his career and it's clear who the real number one is.

AFC North final say

James Walker: This should be a close race to watch this season. But I think the addition of T.O. puts Cincinnati's receiving corps over the top as the deepest group in the division. The starting receivers on both teams have been incredibly productive in their careers. But once you go down the depth chart, that's where I see a little separation. Bryant has been a No. 1 receiver before on bad teams. He's a No. 3 in Cincinnati. Andre Caldwell is growing and people will be pleasantly surprised with rookies Jordan Shipley and tight end Jermaine Gresham. Baltimore receivers Mark Clayton, Donte' Stallworth and Demetrius Williams have all underachieved and been inconsistent in their careers, and consistency is key for that position.

If you have any future "Take your pick" ideas, feel free to send them to our AFC North inbox.