Crabtree denies bad Cleveland visit

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Varying takes and angles are still coming in with just a few days left until the NFL draft.

The latest comes from a Cleveland Plain Dealer report Wednesday that states the Browns all but erased Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree off their draft list because of an awful recent visit. A source told the Plain Dealer Crabtree "brought a diva attitude" and was "not nice" to some people at the Browns' training complex in Berea, Ohio.

Wednesday evening on ESPN's SportsCenter, Crabtree refuted the report.

"I didn't hear [anything] about that," Crabtree said. "As far as I know, I had a good visit and everything went well. [Browns coach Eric] Mangini is a good coach, and I respect any coach that's in the NFL."

Did Crabtree have a good visit? Did Crabtree have a horrible visit? Is this an elaborate smoke screen?

No one knows for sure. But earlier in the day, the Plain Dealer also reported the Browns have "fallen in love with Crabtree" following last week's very same visit. The drastic differences in these two reports are puzzling.

But after an offseason full of speculation, it will be very interesting to see what the Browns finally have in store for this weekend's draft.