Complaint department: Bengals edition

I'm not sure what's going on. But there is something about the Cincinnati Bengals lately that is striking a chord with our AFC North community. We are receiving more e-mails, tweets and comments about Cincinnati than ever before.

Maybe it's last season's sweep of the division. Maybe it's Chad Ochocinco's brash words. Or maybe it's Bengals fans who believe their team is finally prepared for long-term success.

Either way, we decided to post another "Complaint department: Bengals edition" to let our community have its say.

Dan Finnegan from Bremerton, WA,writes: What is it about these silly Bungals players? They have one good season and suddenly they're talking a lot of trash and dissing other teams, like my Steelers. Don't they know you have to make a habit of playing winning football before you get the opportunity to talk trash, and by then you usually have the maturity to know not to do so?

Jason from Cocoa, Fla., writes: "Who gives a (bleep) about the Steelers?" Come on. When was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game? How old was "85" when they won that game? Who really gives a (bleep) about Cincinnati (besides you James Walker)?

Tim R. Fry via Twitter writes: First time I have ever agreed with [Ochocinco]. GO RAVENS.

Newman from Cincinnati writes: After sweeping the AFC North last year and adding weapons this offseason, the Bengals are being picked by many to be second or third in the division. Am I wrong, or is that just the biggest sign of disrespect in modern football?

Amr from Manchester, NJ, writes: I don't see how anyone can disagree with the Bengals at No. 19. They've consistently showed inconsistency. They haven't had back-to-back winning season under Marvin Lewis. Until they can do that they have to be counted out this year.

Patrick from Cincinnati writes: I know its my team and I might be being a little over sensitive here, but I do not understand how people can sit there and say that Carson Palmer is 0-2 in playoff appearances. He got to throw one pass in his first playoff game before getting injured. The team is 0-2, but lets be fair to Carson on this one.