Five questions with Bernard Scott

GEORGETOWN, Ky. -- The AFC North blog likes finding good sleepers, and second-year tailback Bernard Scott could be another candidate for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010.

ScottScottScott has a good burst and made the most of limited opportunities last season as a rookie. This week Scott checked in with the AFC North blog during training camp to share his thoughts on this upcoming season.

How has the jump been so far going from Division II to the NFL?

Bernard Scott: I think if you can play, it doesn't matter which school you come from, really. If you can play ball, you can play ball. But don't get me wrong. Coming from Division II to jumping to the NFL, the speed of the game is faster. Everybody can run, that's the biggest difference.

Do you feel you're still fighting an uphill battle being a sixth-round pick from Abilene Christian?

BS: I'm here now, so I try not to worry about that. I just use that kind of stuff as motivation, just to keep me working hard and keep me hungry. I want to show everybody that I can play. At 200 pounds, I can play inside, outside, I can block, whatever they need me to do.

Coming off injuries last season and in the spring, how important is it to stay healthy?

BS:Ah man, that's my main focus. I'm just trying to do the right thing as far as what I put in my body, staying on top of my weight and working out everyday. I want to stay in top-notch shape. I think that's what hurt me last year. I had a couple knick-knack injuries. Hopefully this year I can stay injury-free.

Have you paid attention to some of the veterans and their routines?

BS:Right. You can just sit back and watch T.O., Chad [Ochocinco], Reggie Kelly, Carson [Palmer]. All those guys been in the league for a while because of the way they work, ice their bodies down, do extra stuff in the weight room, stuff like that. So I'm just trying to learn.

How good can this offense be when everything is clicking?

BS: There's no telling how far this offense can go. We have all the weapons. We have weapons at receiver, in the backfield, quarterback. We just have to make sure everything comes together.