Scouts Inc.'s take on Leftwich

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

In the first of many installments this season, we ask Scouts Inc. to take a deeper look at the Pittsburgh Steelers' recent signing of quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Here is comprehensive analysis from Scouts Inc.'s Keith Kidd:

"He's familiar with the system. If you go back in time, Bruce Arians is the offensive coordinator, and former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Carl Smith was on Bruce's staff in Cleveland. So, the offense has some similarities. That should help Leftwich in the transition and maybe playing a little bit quicker in the preseason. The guy is not very mobile, and he is a prolific pocket passer. He's got that real long release, so obviously his ability to process at the line of scrimmage will help him a lot more. And knowing the system will help him react and read coverage quicker. But he's not a guy that will be able to escape pressure in the pocket, and he took a pretty good pounding in Atlanta. In reality, Pittsburgh's offensive line is a lot better than Atlanta's. But when you look at that team on paper, that offensive line is not a great offensive line."