Take your pick: J.T. O'Sullivan or J. Palmer?

We have another interesting "Take your pick" this week in the AFC North blog.

Thursday we check in with Cincinnati Bengals fans to ask, who would you rather have as the team's No. 2 quarterback: Jordan Palmer or J.T. O'Sullivan?

Bengals cornerstone Carson Palmer has had his share of injuries. So someone needs to stay ready for Cincinnati, which is trying to repeat as AFC North champs. Both O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer struggled mightily in Sunday's preseason loss to the Dallas Cowboys, combining for three interceptions.

The AFC North blog suggested Cincinnati should consider keeping two quarterbacks as a way to preserve a roster spot for deeper positions like receiver, defensive back or linebacker. Whether the Bengals consider that option remains to be seen.

But for now take your pick between O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer to back up Carson Palmer in 2010. Share your thoughts below, or send them to our division inbox and AFC North Twitter. We will run the best responses throughout the week.