Take your pick recap: Bengals

This week's "Take your pick" in the AFC North involved the Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback situation.

After three combined interceptions in last week's preseason opener, we asked "Bengaldom" to choose between Jordan Palmer and J.T. O'Sullivan as the No. 2 quarterback. Here were some responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

Let's go Jordan!

PalmerPalmerJoel from Boston writes: Keep Jordan Palmer. Fantastic dreams of him turning into Carson Palmer aside, this kid has flashed real potential much more often than J.T. Sadly, I think we've seen all of J.T.'s "potential" in the NFL, and it ain't much! Put Jordan on the line in preseason every moment that Carson's not in there, and we should have a decent backup for years to come.

Jay writes: I would take Jordan Palmer over O'Sullivan any day. O'Sullivan can't even complete passes and he throws interceptions, while Jordan has had more completions. And while Jordan throws interceptions, I think with time he will overcome them.

LeiterCincy 22 via Twitter writes: Palmer. Not even close. He doesn't throw into triple coverage. He has a good arm, he just doesn't trust it yet.

Jim Luellen from West Milton, Ohio, writes: I choose Jordan as the backup. He's young and has some promise if he can get more reps.

Let's go J.T.!

O'SullivanO'SullivanKenny M. from Bluefield, W.Va., writes: First off, they both looked terrible against the Dallas Cowboys, but J.T. has started in this league for the San Francisco 49ers. "Baby brother" should not be on Cincy's roster because he is not a very good NFL QB. I choose J.T., and I hope he does not have to take a snap all year.

NVanholt via Twitter writes: J.T. O'Sullivan at least has some recent real-game experience.

DBtrill82 via Twitter writes: Gotta go O'Sullivan until Jordan can prove himself.

Brian from Millersville, Md., writes: As for who should be second on the roster to spell Carson, without more film to watch, I have to go with O'Sullivan. Jordan made too many poor choices against Dallas' third string to make me think he has a chance to succeed against most teams' starters. J.T. appears to at least have the vision to not give the ball away all the time. So they could fall back on their defense and try to win as the Cardiac Cats were doing all of last year, by the skin of their teeth.

AFC North final say

James Walker: "Jordan O'Sullivan"

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