Thought of the Day finale

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

We tried something a little different with our latest version of "Thought of the Day," using a photo of two AFC North coaches instead of a statement.

Here's another small sample of comments, which include a pretty confident Cleveland Browns fan, along with a final verdict:

Jack from Bakersfield, Calif., writes: John Harbaugh: "So I told Eric Mangini, there's no way we're beating his guys this year. No way. Won't even be close." Mike Tomlin: "Really? You think so, huh? I mean, I know WE don't have a chance against the Browns, but I picked you guys to win the division, so I need you to at least win ONE of those games." Harbaugh: "C'mon, man. You're really reaching with that kind of prediction. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here." Tomlin: "I'm just saying....."

Jorge Medina from Aguadilla, PR writes: Harbaugh: "Hey Mike!! Trying to decide in which tackle position to place Michael Oher when I play the Steelers, can I ask you something?" Tomlin: "Sure, glad to help." Harbaugh: "Are you planning to play James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley at the same time? Tomlin:"Ehhh...yeah!" Harbaugh: "Thanks for the help Mike. That's perfect. Oher should make a great impression on the sidelines."

Ray from Dallas writes: Tomlin: we will trade you Troy for Ed. Harbaugh: No thanks we need players that play all facets of the game, not just hit.

Kenton from Stevensville writes: John Harbaugh: Do you really think the Bengals and Browns will accept our offer for next season's games? Mike Tomlin: If you were them, wouldn't you just forfeit now?

AFC North final say

Thanks for the good guesses throughout the week everyone, but here is what Harbaugh and Tomlin really said:

Harbaugh: You know why we both had stellar seasons, Mike?

Tomlin: Why is that?

Harbaugh: Because ESPN.com's James Walker covers our teams. We weren't nearly as good until he arrived.

Tomlin: Good point. He's a great writer and a good-luck charm. I'm glad he's riding with the AFC North.

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