Steeler Nation supporting Dennis Dixon

Over the past 48 hours, our AFC North inbox has been flooded by Pittsburgh Steelers fans showing support for Dennis Dixon. The third-year quarterback has yet to get first-team reps, despite the team saying Dixon is competing with Byron Leftwich.

Dixon's candidacy -- or lack thereof -- has been a hot topic after his solid preseason performance against the Detroit Lions. Dixon threw for 128 yards and a touchdown, while Leftwich (43 yards) was mediocre.

Here is a sample of responses from Steeler Nation:

Darryl from Oakland, Calif., writes: Seriously, has there ever been a QB who had that stellar a collegiate career, has the speed and arm strength and all the intangibles of a great NFL QB, and who has not been given a chance? Even after he's performed so well? Dennis Dixon's career is being robbed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's a shame that that talent is going to waste.

Mike from Chicago writes: What does Mike Tomlin know about Byron Leftwich that no one else does? He seems like a statue standing in the pocket and takes forever to get rid of the ball. Those two attributes do not fit well with the mediocre Steelers OL. I know Dixon played against reserves in the first preseason game, but he just looks like the more talented QB.

RJ from Virginia Beach, Va., writes: Well, judging from the first preseason game, if the Steelers are going into the regular season with a shaky QB (which they are, regardless), they should go with the one who has mobility.

Michael from Berkeley, Calif., writes: I've been a long-time believer in Dennis Dixon ever since he joined the Steelers. Put simply, the guy is a pure playmaker.

Mike Michna from Pittsburgh writes: I think the reason Dixon has been looked over is because he doesn't fit the mold of a QB starting for Bruce Arians. Leftwich looked as though he had no chemistry with the receivers, and his timing was completely off. The offense just didn't flow when he was under center. However, Dixon simply does not have the ability to throw the ball deep downfield the way Leftwich does. I don't think it's any secret that Arians isn't shy of taking shots down field. I think Dixon is going to have to work harder than he should to earn himself a starting role.