Thought of the Day finale: Jake Delhomme

This week's "Thought of the Day" in the AFC North focused on the Cleveland Browns. We asked Browns fans if they're sold on the resurgence of quarterback Jake Delhomme after he put together a near-perfect drive in last week's preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Here were the responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

Delhomme for president!

Dick B. from Berea, Ohio, writes: There was no reason to expect that Delhomme wouldn't be able to bounce back. Everybody has a bad year now and then. And let's face it, Mike Holmgren made the call to take Delhomme as the QB for the time being, and he has a pretty good track record doing so.

GW Bear from Lakewood, Ohio, writes: Jake is exactly what I hoped he would be -- a veteran presence in the huddle who will be a game manager throwing short, accurate passes with an occasional bomb. With our improved line, he should keep his uniform clean and provide needed leadership and stability.

Jon from Columbus, Ohio, writes: Delhomme is what he is: A good quarterback who will have a decent year. Browns fans are understandably skewed when it comes to outlooks on quarterbacks. If he can give us one or two years of solid veteran presence and leadership, that's just what the Browns need. I like Jake's demeanor and team concept, as well.

Scott from Cleveland writes: Whatever Jake has left in the tank at this point in his career is a lot better than Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn.

Ryan from Bowling Green, Ohio, writes: I think that Delhomme showed us that he still has some stuff left in the tank. I am not saying that he is going to have a Pro Bowl season. But I think that he can be a solid starter at quarterback and be a good example for rookie Colt McCoy.

Not buying it!

Steve from Milltown, N.J., writes: How can anyone be sold on Delhomme after one game when the very definition of his career has been STREAKY? He puts together a few nice games and you think he finally settled down, then BAM, five interceptions in a game and two or three more [bad games] to follow. I am far from sold after a decent performance in part of a MEANINGLESS game.

MWyche2 via Twitter writes: Ever since he went to the Super Bowl, Delhomme has gone downhill. I just can't back him until I see better results.

Jonathan from Willowick, Ohio, writes: I am not completely sold on Delhomme. While his performance was great against a solid defense, I'd rather hold the cheering for the regular season. More so, I want to see how he responds after he's thrown an interception and the Browns are down. Still a lot of questions regarding this team and offense. Save the cheering for the regular season Dawgpound!!!

Mike Crum from Columbus, Ohio, writes: As a Browns fan, I'd like nothing more than to be sold on Delhomme at this point. But one series of seven passes isn't enough to convince me he is going to be the answer for the Browns. While I am extremely encouraged by his play Saturday, I have been a fan too long of the Browns to get my hopes up too high when it comes to their QB.

J.P. from Erie, Pa., writes: I think Delhomme deserves a chance, but I'm not sold on anything until the regular season.

AFC North Homer of the Week

John Finley from Easley, South Carolina, writes: I am one of the guys that has been on the Jake Delhomme bandwagon since day one. We have needed a veteran QB for such a long time, and Jake is the right guy at the right time for the Cleveland Browns. I honestly think Jake will have one of his best seasons in his career. I will also go as far to say that Jake may just do what John Elway did his last two seasons in the NFL before retiring, and that is win two Super Bowls back-to-back. Jake deserves it and the Cleveland Browns loyal fans deserve it.

AFC North final say

James Walker: I had my reservations about this $7 million move coming into the season, and I still need to see more before I'm sold on Delhomme. He was inconsistent during my time in Cleveland's training camp, but perhaps he's more of a gamer. Still, it's going to take more than one series of the first preseason game to prove Delhomme is all the way back. But if Delhomme does return to form, which would make Cleveland competitive this season, credit last weekend's brief outing against Green Bay as the beginning of the vet getting his groove back.

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