Scouts Inc. on John Beck

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

There is a new quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens and his name is John Beck. Because he has played only five games in the NFL and didn't play at all in 2008, not much is known about the abilities of Beck, the Dolphins' second-round pick in 2007 who was highly touted coming out of Brigham Young.

To shed some light on Beck, we invited Scouts Inc.'s Tag Ribary to discuss what he brings to the Ravens.

Tag, Beck hasn't thrown an NFL pass since 2007. What do you know about him?

Tag Ribary: I don't think anyone can get a real good gauge of his overall skills, because the Miami Dolphins were missing some pieces on offense. The receiver situation wasn't great and they were still kind of tweaking their offensive line around. So he didn't have a lot of time to sit and read defenses like you'd like for your rookie quarterback to have. But I think going to Baltimore where he knows [offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron] and he knows the system they're going to run, that's a good fit for him.

What does it mean for the Ravens to have two very different quarterbacks in Beck and Troy Smith in backup roles?

Ribary: The variety is good because they have options now. If they lose the starter, they can either go with the more athletic guy in Troy, who can make more plays with his legs. Or they can go with and develop Beck as more of a pocket passer.

How much confidence did Baltimore show in starter Joe Flacco by cutting veteran Todd Bouman, because now the Ravens have one of the youngest quarterback groups in the NFL?

Ribary: No question, I think they feel real good about Flacco. Now they have some time to bring up another young, up-and-coming guy for quality depth down the road.