Thought of the Day

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

In our latest edition of "Thought of the Day" in the AFC North, we examine the topic of dynasties:

Jason from Naugatuck Ct. writes: James, I read your comment about the Pittsburgh Steelers being a dynasty if they were to repeat this year. Please stop the dynasty talk. Dynasties are prolonged periods of excellence and three Super Bowls don't cut it. You got to win four. There have been three dynasties in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers of the 1960's (yeah they only won the first two Super Bowls but they won a bunch of AFL championships before that so I am giving it to them), the Steelers of the 70's, who won four Super Bowls in six years, and the San Francisco 49ers of the 80's who won four in 10 years. The 90's Dallas Cowboys and the 2K New England Patriots only won three. The Steelers established the mark of four and only the Niners have been able to match that. If, and that's a big IF, the Patriots win another Super Bowl, then call them a dynasty. But three Super Bowls don't cut it, the mark is four.

So what exactly is an NFL dynasty?

Is Jason's belief that it takes four titles correct? Or would three championships in a short span count as a dynasty in today's NFL, considering the vastly changed landscape with expansion and free agency?

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