Five questions with...D'Qwell Jackson

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

BEREA, Ohio -- Recently we caught up with Cleveland Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson to discuss, among other things, being a newlywed and whether he's superstitious.

1. D'Qwell, you're a newlywed this year (to wife Amira). How is married life?

D'Qwell Jackson: So far so good. Everybody always asks me, and I'd say it feels like I've been married for the last couple years. It was just a matter of going through the whole ceremony and doing that. But it was good.

2. Give me details of the wedding.

DQ: It was in the Florida Keys. I'm from Largo, Fla., so it's probably about six hours away from me. It was a small wedding, no more than 60 people and just close family and friends. After the ceremonies it was like a big party. Everybody got along on both sides of the family. It was special. I will never forget something like that.

3. Would a playoff run be the perfect cap to a great year?

DQ: Definitely. Getting married was a big step, and now I've dealt with that. Having success last year was good. So if there's one thing I can choose now, it would definitely be going to the playoffs, winning a playoff game and seeing what happens from there.

4. Why did you change your number from 58 to your old college number of 52 this season? Any superstition involved?

DQ: Once I got here, I always wanted my college number of 52. (Former Browns linebacker) Matt Stewart, when he was here, he had it at the time. And I was so caught up in playing and getting here that I wasn't that worried about it. Now that I got my feet wet for a couple years, the number was available so it was the right thing for me to do. I wouldn't say it was so much a superstition. It was just a comfort thing, I guess. Fifty-eight was good to me, now we'll see what 52 does.

5. I'm from Maryland and you went to the University of Maryland. So how many wins for the Terps this year?

DQ: Whew! Ah, man, you threw it on me (laughs). How many wins? Well, when I was there all we needed was one piece -- that quarterback position. We had good quarterbacks there but that system was hard to figure out. I have to say about seven or eight wins. (He reconsiders for a second) ... Yeah, I'll give them seven or eight.