Morning take: Palmer vs. Ochocinco

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the top stories Thursday in the AFC North:

  • In a recent radio interview, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer had some choice words for Chad Ochocinco.

Morning take: The fact that Palmer says he hasn't spoken to Ochocinco this entire offseason is not a good sign. It's important for Cincinnati's quarterback and top receiver to be on the same page.

Morning take: In my experience, players in Pittsburgh have a higher sense of pride and enjoyment for the organization they play for. Behind-the-scenes things like this also translate to winning.

Morning take: Conversely, unhappy players can have a reverse effect.

  • With former Baltimore Ravens starting right tackle Willie Anderson retired, the pressure is now on rookie first-round pick Michael Oher.

Morning take: Similar to all the new offensive linemen (Alex Mack, Andre Smith) in the AFC North, Oher will have to deal with some tough defensive players as a rookie. Oher needs to be a fast learner.