Steelers-Falcons halftime notes

PITTSBURGH -- The Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons are tied, 3-3, at halftime.

Here are some notes and observations:

  • This game is going just as I expected. The Steelers are playing great defense and mostly conservative on offense. Pittsburgh is making just enough plays to put a few points on the board, which is the best way for the Steelers to win. The few times the Steelers started opening up the offense, Dixon threw an interception to Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson and another near interception before halftime. Both balls were terribly underthrown.

  • Pittsburgh's front seven is winning in the trenches. Atlanta running back Michael Turner isn’t finding many holes to run through, and at times Pittsburgh is getting decent pressure on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

  • Backup running back Isaac Redman is really good in short-yardage situations. Redman gained two tough first downs running the ball in the first half. It’s already an upgrade over last season when Pittsburgh struggled in those spots.

  • Steelers kicker Jeff Reed made the second-longest field goal of his career Sunday, nailing a 52-yarder in the first quarter. Reed missed a 55-yard attempt right before intermission.