Morning take: Will Bengals toughen up?

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC North:

  • The Cincinnati Bengals have to play a lot tougher to prevail against the Baltimore Ravens.

Morning take: The Bengals won last year with toughness, but I don't know where that went last week against the New England Patriots. Cincinnati has to get back to its 2009 form quickly or the team could start 0-2.

Morning take: Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer will challenge the Ravens' D in ways New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez couldn't. It will be one of the key matchups in this game.

Morning take: If Cleveland loses to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, yes. The Browns desperately need a win or they could struggle to get victories for the next month or two.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich aims to return on Sept. 26.

Morning take: That could present an interesting dilemma if Dennis Dixon is winning but continues to make mistakes. Would the Steelers make a change to the veteran?