Morning take: Bengals better than Ravens?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday in the AFC North:

Morning take: For several months, I was the official ringleader of the Bengals' 2009 "sleeper bandwagon" in the national media. Yet, I never went this far this early. So consider Brandt the new leader in the clubhouse.

  • Speaking of Baltimore, here is a poll to determine which receiver Ravens fans want on the team this season.

Morning take: I'm a little surprised by these results. The player fans chose certainly has talent but doesn't fit the Ravens character-wise.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers veteran cornerback Fernando Bryant retires.

Morning take: With two rookie cornerbacks and the free-agent signing of Keiwan Ratliff, Bryant was questionable to make the Steelers had he stayed.

Morning take: Ivy could help Cleveland in substitute packages this year. Unlike last season, the Browns did a decent job of bringing depth to the secondary.