Thought of the Day

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Thanks to our clever readers, the latest version of "Thought of the Day" in the AFC North is guaranteed to be a mindbender.

I will let ESPN.com reader Andrew explain:

Andrew from Richmond, Va. writes: I think this would be an interesting fan-based take your pick segment: "If you had to pick another AFC North team to win the Super Bowl, but it couldn't be your team, who would it be?" Looking at each team presents different questions. Baltimore Ravens: Hated rival Pittsburgh Steelers, or Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals? Cincinnati: Cross-state Browns, the Steelers (most fans still feel bitter about the 2005 playoff loss) or the trash-talking Ravens? Cleveland: Cross-town Bengals, interstate-rivals Steelers or Ravens (aka the ex-Browns to some Clevelanders) Steelers: Traditional rival Browns, decade-long rival Ravens, or the Bengals? Between the intense feelings of rivalry amongst the division there is also some mutual respect. So which fellow divisional team could fans stand to see win if their own won't?


This question is tortuous yet cunning at the same time. If your favorite team can't win a Super Bowl this year, which AFC North rival would you want to win a championship instead?

So there you have it. I'm very interested to hear these explanations, and we will run the best responses from our AFC North inbox throughout the week.