Why is Lewis rated so low?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Lewis Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will go down as arguably the greatest defensive player of his generation. But according to ESPN.com's player rankings Friday, he's only the ninth best player of this decade.

Something is missing here.

Lewis dominated throughout the past nine seasons. He won a Super Bowl in 2000 in additional to seven Pro Bowl appearances that spanned from the 2000 season to just last February.

Michael Strahan (four Pro Bowls since 2000) is a great player but doesn't have Lewis' credentials overall or in the past decade. Neither does Jason Taylor, who did next to nothing last year and never won a Super Bowl. Champ Bailey meanwhile has played the full 16 games just once since 2005 and also never won a championship.

Overall, Lewis has been a consistently great player from the beginning to the end of the decade. That should have put Lewis in the top 3-5 players with more elite company such as quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, instead of barely cracking the top 10.