QB debate reaction

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here is what ESPN.com readers had to say about this weekend's one-sided AFC North versus NFC East quarterback debate between Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning:

Kevin from Chesapeake, Va. writes: Just wanted to say "great job" today in beating down Matt Mosley. Your rebuttal was full of factual info while his response leaned more to continued biased and undo hype. You represented the AFCN well, as usual, and speaking for my brethren, you did us proud. Continue the great work and we in the AFCN look forward to the next "Smackdown." P.S. It was good to see the camaraderie from the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns fans being represented, showing that just like during the season, you really don't want to face the AFCN.

Josh from Winston Salem, NC writes: James, THANK YOU for stomping on Mosley's argument about Eli Manning. I am so fed up with his blind support of Eli, and you crushed him. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Hopefully we don't have to listen to any more of it, and if so, you should come in immediately. Eli has had an immense amount of help, just as much as Roethlisberger but in different areas. And Roethlisberger has thrived when it counted, while Manning's defense held the top 3 offenses in the NFL to 51 combined points in the 2007 NFL playoffs (17 PPG).Matt has never answered my questions about how Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb do a lot more for their team then Eli. When Romo and McNabb aren't playing well, their teams don't win. Eli can just manage a game and have them be fine. Some of that is true for Big Ben, but the Indianapolis Colts game this year is a prime example of Ben not playing well and hindering his team.

Steve from Milltown, NJ writes: Wow JW, You RIPPED Mosley so bad, it was almost cruel. And to top it off, not only did you leave out a whole bunch of stuff you COULD have said, but Mosley had to ASK HIS READERS to help with a response. And he STILL couldn't come up with anything. Nice job representing the AFCN.

Kurt from Devon, PA writes: For the record, I think it'd be nice if you wouldn't lump all of us together as "NFC East fans" and act like we're all sharing an opinion here. I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and I think you were pretty much spot on in your Eli/Ben analysis.

Mark from Pittsburgh, PA writes: Excellent post on Big Ben. I read Mosley's response and it is just so pathetic that I couldn't help but send him a comment: "I'm sorry Mr. Mosley, but your rebuttal to James Walker's challenge was nothing but an attempt to misconstrue Walker's statistically relevant post. You said nothing to portray Eli Manning's abilities and only tried to delegitimize each of Walker's points. For the good of your fans, next time try and give any and every support to your own division's quarterback rather than embarrass him by trying to show why ours is not who James says he is."

Antonio Rael from Albuquerque, NM writes: Please remind Matt that Plaxico Burress was injured during most of Roethlisberger's rookie year and Ben never lost a game without him. Also this was just one year before he went to NY so if he wasn't elite then, he was pretty darn close. Ben had the same team as Tommy Maddox and was able to produce better. Lastly did Manning win Super Bowl XLII with the toughest schedule, injured backfield, and a horrid O-line during the year?

Bertrumm R. from Dayton, Ohio writes: Mosley seems to think Eli would rip the AFC North apart, but NY played the north last year, had Plaxico Burress for all four games, and his best passer rating was an 88.2 in an OT win against a terrible Bengals team. His passer rating in a LOSS to an even worse Browns team was 57.1. He threw one TD in each game and finished with four picks as well. That's not exactly setting the division on fire. The giants were 3-1 in those games, but it wasn't because of Eli, as his rating against the north was a less than stellar 77.4.

John from Pittsburgh writes: James I love the argument with Mosley. I have one question for him though. Other than throwing more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, complete a higher percentage of his passes for a higher YPC average, win more games and have a 13.5 point higher QB rating, what has Roethlisburger done to prove he's a better QB, other than win more Superbowls? What has he done?