Remember the offseason: Bengals edition

It's been an eerily quiet week from "Bengaldom" in the AFC North blog. The Bengals are sputtering to a 2-3 start coming off the bye and has been a major disappointment thus far.

But it's no secret we hold everyone accountable in our community, and Bengals fans were among the most vocal this offseason coming off a division title and a playoff appearance. So here is a recap of their recent the trash-talking:

  • Nosker987 writes: Bengals are the team to beat this year. Nobody can stop the combination of T.O., Ocho, Antonio Bryant, Bubba and Shipley. We're going to go 6-0 in our division this year and we’re going to win the Super Bowl. Darrelle Revis can't stop us this year. That's a guarantee.

  • Who Dey Warrior writes: Scared of the Bengals! We can all see it and it's okay to be afraid of the upstart Bengals roster who is finally not afraid to lump up the division's aging bullies. The Bengals are the new bullies of the AFC NORTH. SAY UNCLE...SAY UNCLE!

  • Sportsfan2305 writes: Call me a homer and this is actually the first homerish statement I have made this year but I see NO reason why the Bengals can't be 6-1 or even 7-0 going into Monday Night Football against the Steelers in Week 9.

  • Jungle Boys 09 writes: For a life long Bengal fan, it's pretty freaking cool. This season the Bengals will go much deeper in the playoffs and maybe even the Super Bowl.

  • DVanderpool99 writes: Steelers have ZERO chance against the Bengals this year. Browns don't either, and I couldn't care less about the Ravens.

  • JMoney5985 writes: All you non-Bengal AFC North fans are just haters. Don't be mad, 6-0 baby. You want the divisional title come get some. It really just boils down to Cincinnati and Baltimore. As for Pittsburgh and Cleveland, better luck next year.

  • Bgehrum writes: Look at all these haters. The only way we can make the idiots shut their mouths is go out and win it all! So keep talking people and hating on our Bengals.

  • Kenneth378 writes: I love the fact that other people who follow other teams in the division or other teams in general have to say something negative about the Bengals every chance they get. Why is that boys and girls? Because they are scared of what the Cincinnati Bengals can possibly do this year.

  • Back2jungle2 writes: I agree with [Chad Ochocinco]. Who [cares] about the Steelers! They won't do anything this year.

  • More from Jungle Boys 09: Antonio Bryant is hurt but he'll come around.

  • More from Who Dey Warrior: 2009 is the year the Bengals became a TEAM, and 2010 the year they become WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Remember the offseason?