Morning take: Is Joe Flacco ready?

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North:

Morning take: Flacco has been in plenty of big games before, and this is another one. Baltimore will play in Gillette Stadium for the third time in a year.

Morning take: Palmer is getting drilled in the media and by fans, but there's nothing Cincinnati can do during the season. The Bengals' best route is to play out the year and evaluate Palmer's entire body of work.

Morning take: Cleveland rookie quarterback Colt McCoy needs all the help he can get. With Hillis, McCoy has someone he can hand the ball to 20 times to relive the pressure.

Morning take: Whether it's returning kicks or running the Wildcat, Cribbs has had plenty of success against Pittsburgh. A huge game by Cribbs is one of the few ways Cleveland can pull the upset.