Take your pick recap: Ravens vs. Patriots

Earlier this week we had another heated "Take your pick" in the AFC North blog. We asked who will win Sunday's high-profile game between the Baltimore Ravens (4-1) and New England Patriots (3-1)?

Here is a sample of responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

Ravens all day!

Gabe from LA writes: Ravens win, but Tom Brady will keep it close. In all honesty the Pats have overachieved. Their offense is not the same without Randy Moss. NE is just a glorified Denver, and only because they have a better QB. Pats' defense is young and will make mistakes.

Brandon Crawford from Sykesville, Md., writes: You have to go with the Ravens on this one. Plain and simple they're the better team. Last year in the playoffs the Ravens dominated the Patriots with more on the line. Now with the Ravens improving every week and many questions about the Patriots' offense, I see it going no other way than what it did in the playoffs.

The_blueprint via Twitter writes: Bill Belichick is already thinking about next year (via draft pics), and so should the NE fan base. Baltimore by 10.

Cooper from Baltimore writes: I'll take the Ravens, not just because I'm a fan. The Ravens proved they can go to Foxborough and win when it counts. This game counts because a win gives a much needed extension on the early division lead.

HoldenGatsby via Twitter writes: We have watched Joe Flacco mature as a QB throughout this season so far, and he's only going to get better. Ravens, 27-20.

Patriots roll!

Katie from Pittsburgh writes: I think it is going to be a tough week for the Ravens. Everyone has been talking about how much Flacco grew up in the Steelers game. Now we're going to see whether or not that is true. You can almost guarantee the Pats will stack the box to protect against the three-headed monster. It'll be up to Flacco and his receiving corps to win this game. And nobody can forget the way the Ravens went into Foxborough in the playoffs and decimated the Pats. I can guarantee you they haven't.

Laner815 via Twitter writes: After seeing the determination of the Pats vs. Miami, I think Belichick and Brady will find a way to win. I say 20-17 Pats.

Hal Martin from Scottsdale, Arizona, writes: I am a huge Ravens fan and think they are going to the Super Bowl and winning this year. But give Belichick and Brady two weeks to prepare and they could beat any team in NFL history. Ravens lose squeaker. Road wins already at Pitt, at Jets, at Pats is asking too much with bye, even for the best team in the NFL.

Barker_ja via Twitter writes: Patriots by 13. Flacco is overrated and everyone will finally see it. Even though they already saw it against Cincinnati.

WrecklessLove via Twitter writes: Ravens are playing great football right now, but the Steeler fan in me is ready for their self-destruction. NE by 9.

AFC North final say

James Walker: Coming off another solid week, "Walker's AFC North picks" is coming up next. Find out who wins this game and the matchup between the Cleveland Browns (1-4) and Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1).