Michael Phelps accepts Chad Johnson's challenge

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Through modern technology, multi-time Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps saw Chad Johnson's challenge from halfway around the world in Beijing, China.

Phelps' response?

"I want to race Chad Johnson; I saw that on SportsCenter," Phelps said in an in-depth interview with ESPN's Jeremy Schaap. "He was saying he wants to race, so let's race."

Phelps isn't backing down from the NFL Pro Bowler. And why should he? He's won eight gold medals in this summer's Olympic Games in one of the most dominating performances in sports history.

Phelps, a Baltimore native, also said he will race Johnson on foot if that's what it takes to get "Ocho Cinco" in the pool.

"He will smoke me, but I'll race him on land,'' Phelps said.

With that in mind, the AFC North version of the Blog Network has come up with a terrific idea for the Michael Phelps-Chad Johnson challenge: The two will have one 100-meter race on land, one 100-meter race in the pool, and the lowest combined time wins the contest.

They should have no problem finding sponsors. So the winner of the Phelps-Johnson challenge gets to donate the proceeds to their favorite charity. (I think I'm on to something here)!

But don't expect this to happen anytime soon. Johnson injured his left shoulder Sunday in a preseason game against the Detroit Lions.

Phelps discussed the challenge with Jeremy Schaap in this video.