Take your pick recap: Steelers vs. Saints

This week's "Take your pick" involved a primetime matchup in Week 8. We want to know who will win Sunday night's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) and New Orleans Saints (4-3). They've combined to win the past two Super Bowls.

Here are some responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

Steelers all day!

Boris Hertslet from Yigo, Guam, writes: This should be a great game. We Steelers fans know how hard it is to defend a championship. Everybody plays their best against the reigning Super Bowl champ. Brees is one interception away from matching his total for last year. Saints can't run (26th in NFL). So, Brees will pass all day and Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, and Ike Taylor will pad their interception stats. Steelers 24, Saints 17.

Erik from MacArthur, W.Va., writes: Steelers are the class of the AFC and they have shown even without Ben Roethlisberger they can beat the best the NFC has to offer (Atlanta). With Roethlisberger back and now even more in rhythm with the offense, the Steelers go into New Orleans and show the Saints that last year was a fluke and they are hungrier than ever for the Lombardi trophy. This is Ben's first primetime game since suspension. I expect him to have a big game as he usually does in primetime. Steelers win a statement game, 31-13.

Tim C. from Newtown, Conn., writes: The Saints' four wins have been against opponents with a combined (8-18) record, and three of them have been by less than a touchdown. Throw in double-digit losses to the Cardinals and Browns, it’s clear they're not at the same level as Pittsburgh. Aaron Smith's injury will hurt, but the defense will remain among the best as long as they have Troy Polamalu. This one will be over at halftime. Steelers by 14.

ShmullyLitvin via Twitter writes: Browns used tricks and one dominating defensive player. Steelers actually have an offense, win 34-17.

Ryan from Indianapolis writes: The Steelers will win this game. Even without Aaron Smith, the current version of the Steel Curtain is good enough to stop the non-existent Saints running game. With the Browns creating pressure on Drew Brees, they laid the framework for the Steelers to blitz and create turnovers. If Rashard Mendenhall can get on track and have a solid outing, Ben will have no problem leading the Steelers to victory with the Saints worried about stopping the run.

Saints get on track!

Brandon Crawford from Sykesville, Md., writes: I would have to go with the Saints. It's at the Superdome which is a very tough place to play, just ask Brett Favre. The Saints are getting Reggie Bush back, which will help the return game and the rushing attack. I don't see Drew Brees throwing four interceptions again. Finally I don't see the champs losing three of four games. Go with the Saints in this one, 24-17.

BWhatlen22 via Twitter writes: Saints will bounce back as Brees has a big day and the secondary finds ways to slow down Big Ben. Saints, 31-20.

Matthew Arnold from Columbus, Ohio, writes: I'm a huge Steelers fan. But as much as it pains me to admit, I see this as being a huge Saints blowout. I think last Sunday's game was a wakeup call for them, and especially if Reggie Bush comes back, it could get ugly. The Steelers rarely lose big, but this could be one of those losses.

Steve L from Leesburg, Va., writes: As a Browns fan, if Colt McCoy can pass for 280-plus yards against the Steelers, Drew Brees should throw for 500! Saints win, 38-20.

The_blueprint via Twitter writes: Saints. They're too talented to drop two in a row, and they've already been caught sleeping a little.

AFC North final say

James Walker: Coming off a stellar 3-1 record in Week 7, we will pick this game and Miami Dolphins versus the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday. Both are tough calls. So stay tuned.