Morning take: Champs begin camp

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories in the AFC North:

Morning take: Pittsburgh's veterans say they learned a lot from the debacle of 2006, when the team missed the playoffs after winning a Super Bowl the year prior. The Steelers get to prove it, starting today.

Morning take: I always sensed Reed, 30, will walk away from football a little earlier than people expect. I'm not sure when that time will come for Reed, but he isn't the type of person who would barely hold on as a declining NFL player.

Morning take: The Bengals continue their optimism that began in the spring. We will have more from Bengals camp this weekend.

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Morning take: The Browns are certainly a team in transition and need to make the most of training camp. If Cleveland is a better team a month from now than it is at this moment, it would be a good first step.