Scouts Inc. on Donte' Stallworth

The Baltimore Ravens expect to get another addition to their receiving corps this week. Speedy veteran Donte' Stallworth hopes to make his regular-season debut Sunday against the Miami Dolphins after suffering a preseason foot injury.

How will Stallworth impact the Ravens? We check in with our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- to get some answers.

Matt, what does Stallworth bring to Baltimore's offense?

Williamson: I think Stallworth is a nice addition, because he's a first-round talent and more importantly he's a deep threat. The Ravens don't have a receiver that is fast. Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason are in the same mold as one another, whereas Stallworth has speed. He's going to open things up for everybody else. Because of Boldin and Mason, he's going to be hard to double, too. The other thing is Joe Flacco is a very big-armed passer, and it's been kind of a waste to not have that guy to at least throw a couple of deep passes to every game. Even if they don't covert, they could get a pass-interference call or open things up for the other guys.

Baltimore already has plenty of receivers and tight ends who want the ball. Are there enough passes to go around to add Stallworth to the mix?

Williamson: The point is valid. The Ravens are not a predominantly passing team, and I think they're better when they're run-first. But as long as egos aren't a problem, it doesn't matter. I still think the Ravens will spread it around and there's a role for Stallworth. I don't know if he's going to blow up on the stat sheet. There's only so many passes to go around. They're not going to be throwing a ton, and Baltimore won't be playing from behind that often.

It's been nearly two years since Stallworth played in the regular season. Will rust be an issue?

Williamson: There's going to be some. One attribute of playing wideout and defensive back in this league that people forget about is it's a lot of running. I can see there being a fatigue issue with him. But Stallworth is not a starter. He's going to come in on third down and sub packages. He could play 15 snaps or something like that to start the game, and then gradually it increases. They have a lot of other bodies. But a lot of the routes he runs early are probably going to be nine routes and posts, and I'm not sure timing is as important.