Rod Woodson on Ed Reed

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Woodson Reed
Later this week, I will have an article on former defensive back Rod Woodson, who spent most of his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers and will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend.

An interesting sidenote is how aggressive Woodson was with interceptions. He returned 12 of his 71 picks back for touchdowns, which is No. 1 all time.

Recently I asked Woodson about his thoughts on the equally aggressive Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, who holds the record for the NFL's longest interception return of 107 yards.

Here was Woodson's response:

"You have to have an aggressive nature. I think Ed is more aggressive than I was. He wants to return every single ball that he gets in his hands for a touchdown. At times I would catch it and fall down at the end of a game where Ed is going to try to take it back to the house. But I just think it's a mindset that you need to have as a defender. To me, I think the most dangerous defender is a defender with the ball in his hands. When you get the interception and you can score on defense that adds to the probability of you winning the football game as a team."

For more on Woodson and his Hall of Fame career, check out ESPN.com and the AFC North blog later this week.