Morning take: Cam Cameron 2.0

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories Sunday in the AFC North:

  • Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron aims to make Baltimore an even better offense in 2009.

Morning take: With several losses on the defensive side, there is a chance Baltimore's D will not finish No. 2 in the NFL like it did last season. That means the offense needs to step up and help the Ravens by moving up a few notches.

Morning take: From what I've seen in training camp, Harrison is due for another big season. He has been arguably the most impressive Steelers player to watch in Latrobe the past several days.

  • Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco says he's replacing his infamous checklist from the names of cornerbacks to the names of defensive coordinators this season.

Morning take: Ochocinco says he's doing this to challenge himself. If this keeps him motivated and focused for 16 games, so be it.

  • In more receiver news, Cleveland Browns receiver Syndric Steptoe suffered a torn labrum and is likely is out for the season.

Morning take: The injuries are piling up in the division and we haven't played any games yet. Is this a bad sign?