AFC North Power Rankings analysis

It was a banner week for the AFC North, as the division finished 3-1. Only the Cincinnati Bengals suffered a defeat to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers on "Monday Night Football."

The results made for another historic week as two AFC North teams finished at the top of ESPN.com's Power Rankings. This is the second time it's happened this season.

Here are the results:

Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Cumulative vote: No. 1

Walker's vote: No. 1

Analysis: After the New England Patriots were pummeled by the Cleveland Browns, there was a clear consensus of who should take over the top spot in ESPN.com's Power Rankings. The Ravens received all four first-place votes this week after a quality win over the Miami Dolphins. Baltimore is one of the hottest teams in the NFL, winning five of its past six games. The team also appears to be getting better as we enter the second half of the season. The Ravens have an exciting matchup Thursday against the Atlanta Falcons, who finished third in the Power Rankings.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

Cumulative vote: No. 2

Walker's vote: No. 2

Analysis: Again, all four panelists agreed on Pittsburgh as the No. 2 team. The Steelers dominated the Bengals for three quarters but needed to hold on late to pull out a 27-21 victory. Pittsburgh needed that win to bounce back from a tough loss to the New Orleans Saints. The Steelers are 3-1 with and without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and have yet to play their best football. Pittsburgh also has a tough game against New England on Sunday night.

Cleveland Browns (3-5)

Cumulative vote: No. 23

Walker's vote: No. 21

Analysis: The Browns are finally getting some respect after knocking off last week's No. 1 team -- New England -- in impressive fashion. The Browns jumped three spots to No. 23, which I still think is a bit low considering their recent wins. Cleveland has always been tough, but now the Browns aren't making mistakes. That was the difference against New Orleans and New England. I had the highest vote for the Browns at No. 21, but it's been that way for the past several weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-6)

Cumulative vote: No. 26

Walker's vote: No. 26

Analysis: ESPN.com's panel was finally in agreement that the Bengals deserved to be ranked lower than the Browns. I've been watching the Bengals implode for weeks and was trying to keep everyone else ahead of the curve. Despite their talent, the Bengals don't play well as a team and can only put a quarter or half of good football together on a given week. That's not enough to win consistently in the NFL. Pittsburgh put the final nail into Cincinnati's season Monday, and it's time for a makeover. The Bengals could fall to 2-7 next week on the road against quarterback Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts (5-3).