Take your pick: T.O. or Ochocinco?

We have a familiar Cincinnati Bengals fan who came up with this week's "Take your pick" in the AFC North.

OwensOwensOchocincoOchocincoJohn W. from Denver writes: Well, since I'm a retired homer Hall of Famer, I thought this week I would ask a question. This offseason the Bengals are going to have a lot of players at the end of their contract. At this point, would they rather bring back Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, or both?

Good question, John, and thanks for checking in. Let's open this topic to our community.

If you were running the Bengals, which receiver would you keep?

Ochocinco's contract is up but Cincinnati has a $6 million team option for 2011. Should the Bengals pick up the option to bring him back?

Owens will be an unrestricted free agent next offseason and is leading Cincinnati in receptions (59), yards (834) and touchdowns (seven). At 36, he likely wants the security of a multi-year deal. Should the Bengals give it to him?

The Bengals also have options to try to pay for both receivers or letting them walk.

So take your pick on what Cincinnati should do with "Batman" and "Robin" this offseason. Share your thoughts below, or in our division inbox and AFC North Twitter. We will run the best responses throughout the week.