Ward's 'two more games' comment is legit

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver and team captain Hines Ward brings up a valid point this week. If the NFL is very concerned about player safety, why add two more grueling games to the league's schedule?

Ward isn't the first person to consider this thought, but he's probably the highest-profile player to go public with it. Ward was critical of the league's policy on player safety this week, which is interesting timing considering Ward recently suffered a concussion and was held out of a Nov. 14 game against the New England Patriots.

Our take is the NFL should not expand to 18 games. The league already has a high number of injuries and adding two games only increases that risk. Plus, 16 games is enough to determine the good teams from the bad.

But we also believe with the NFL's popularity and the type of money that's involved, an expanded season is likely to happen.