Did the Ravens target James Harrison?

There's been a lot of debate this season about whether Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is a target for NFL officials.

HarrisonHarrisonBut did the Baltimore Ravens also target Harrison? The Pro Bowler seems to think so.

Harrison says he was the victim of a "cheap" play in Pittsburgh's 13-10 win over the Ravens last Sunday. Harrison and the Steelers felt Ravens offensive lineman Chris Chester intentionally went after him during a false start on an extra-point attempt.

"That was pretty dirty," Steelers linebacker James Farrior told reporters. "I think it was definitely planned and just one of the dirty things that [the Ravens] did in the game.”

Although Chester's play was a bit strange, overall I didn't feel either team played "dirty" Sunday night. It was another entertaining and hard-hitting affair in this great rivalry.

But if these teams meet for a third time in the postseason, which you cannot rule out, keep an eye on this storyline.