Kemoeatu less definitive on Pouncey

PITTSBURGH -- Steelers starting guard Chris Kemoeatu was an unusually popular player in the locker room Thursday.

Just one day earlier Kemoeatu implied to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey (ankle) will miss Super Bowl XLV, despite the Steelers not providing any definitive word.

"We are definitely sad that he won't be able to be with us in the Super Bowl," Kemoeatu said. "Definitely I feel bad for him. We just have to win it for him. It's definitely a huge loss for us."

A day later Kemoeatu was less definitive.

"I think they're taking it day by day, as far as his injury," Kemoeatu said of Pouncey on Thursday. "I don't think it has been confirmed that he's not playing yet. Right now he's just rehabbing."

It's uncertain what to make of this. Perhaps Kemoeatu has an idea what's going on with his teammate, accidentally spilled the beans, and decided to backtrack. Or Kemoeatu may have mistakenly assumed Pouncey was already ruled out without knowledge of the situation.

Medically, chances don't seem to favor Pouncey recovering in two weeks. We talked with ESPN medical expert Stephania Bell, who says the diagnosis for high ankle sprains is usually four to six weeks. You can read the full explanation of Pouncey's injury here.

But there was definitely a different tone with Kemoeatu in the locker room Thursday.

"Hopefully [Pouncey] can come back," Kemoeatu said. "But we will never know until game day."