Thought of the Day: Carson Palmer

Cincinnati Bengals franchise quarterback Carson Palmer wants out in the worst way. He even put his house up for sale this week and his realtor says Palmer is never coming back. Teammates also believe Palmer will retire if he isn't traded or released.

PalmerPalmerSo in this week's "Thought of the Day" in the AFC North blog, our community has a chance to play general manager of the Bengals, which is a vacant position. If you're running the team, what will you do this offseason with your unhappy quarterback?

Is Bengals ownership doing the right thing by not giving into Palmer's demands? Would you hold onto the quarterback, call his bluff, and hope that he returns this season for $11.5 million?

Or would you try and get a draft pick or two for Palmer, 31, and simply move on? The Bengals won just four games with Palmer last season. They will be rebuilding again this year and could probably have similar results without him.

Share your "Thought of the Day" comments below on what the Bengals should do with Palmer. You can also send your thoughts to our division inbox and AFC North Twitter page, and we will run the best responses throughout the week.