Is Carson Palmer hurting his trade value?

Although Cincinnati Bengals franchise quarterback Carson Palmer has yet to comment publicly about his stern trade demands, every couple of weeks someone is driving the point home on his behalf.

First, Palmer's representation confirmed the quarterback wants out and means business. Then, Palmer's realtor said he has no intentions of coming back after Palmer put his Cincinnati home on the market. And the latest message, through a confidant, was reported this week by WCPO in Cincinnati, saying Palmer will never step foot in Paul Brown Stadium again.

All three make the similar claim that, in Palmer's mind, he's played his last game in a Bengals uniform. But in the big picture, do these comments hurt Palmer's trade value?

Everyone not living under a rock knows Palmer wants out in the worst way and has threatened to retire. The Bengals says they will call Palmer's bluff. But that may change if Cincinnati feels Palmer is serious and the organization doesn't want to be left without anything in return.

Various NFL teams interested in a quarterback will certainly monitor this situation closely. The goal would be to pry Palmer away from the Bengals for the cheapest possible compensation, and if everyone knows the Bengals are getting desperate, the price tag will lower.

Last year the Philadelphia Eagles were able to get decent value and multiple draft picks from the Washington Redskins for aging quarterback Donovan McNabb, because the Eagles never gave the impression they were eager to move him. Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid even said McNabb was his starting quarterback not too long before the trade, which can be viewed as a lie or cunning football judgment, depending on your perspective.

But the word is already out in Cincinnati, and it will be interesting to see what kind of value is available if the Bengals are willing to change their stance. Cincinnati will be rebuilding next season with or without Palmer, and it would be wise to at least listen to offers in the coming months and decide what's best for the team.