How the lockout impacts Carson Palmer

The lockout is potentially bad news for Carson Palmer.

The Cincinnati Bengals' franchise quarterback, who demanded to be traded this offseason, remains in a holding pattern until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached. The Bengals have held firm in saying they will not trade Palmer. But even if Cincinnati wanted to entertain offers, it couldn't.

Palmer's chances of playing for another team in 2011 would decrease if a new CBA isn't reached before the draft April 28. Draft picks are one of the league's biggest forms of currency. Cincinnati already is leery about trading Palmer. But if the Bengals can't get quality picks this year in exchange for their starting quarterback, they may just keep Palmer on the roster.

The only trade options for Cincinnati after the draft would be for future picks and/or players. Neither are attractive options for the rebuilding Bengals (4-12). Future picks do not help the team this upcoming season, and the Bengals probably cannot get equal value for Palmer in a player-for-player deal.

Palmer has threatened to retire if he isn't traded. If the lockout goes beyond April, there's a good chance Cincinnati could call Palmer's bluff.