Taking a break

It's the ever-popular Cam Newton-as-a-Bengal photo. ESPN.com Illustration

I have bad news and good news for our AFC North community.

The bad news is I'm taking my first vacation of 2011. The good news I'm sparing everyone Hines Ward/"Dancing With The Stars" updates, because not much else is going on with the NFL lockout.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to step away. I will be back on March 28 once we get closer to next month's NFL draft.

Why is a picture of Cam Newton posted above? I'm glad you asked.

I know our community can get rowdy when the substitute teacher is around. So I will leave another warning: If I hear bad reviews from my buddy "ESPN.com staff," I will write 20 additional blogs using this photo of Newton in a Bengals jersey when I return.

You don't want that. So play nice next week.

See you soon.