NFL draft value chart

We are getting plenty of questions in our AFC North inbox about the ability of teams to trade its picks during the NFL draft. So to answer those questions, ESPN.com has a point chart, which most teams use to determine the value of draft slots.

Simply follow the chart to track the pick of your favorite team. This should give you an idea of what it takes for clubs to move up and down the draft board.

For example the Cleveland Browns own the sixth overall pick, which is worth 1,600 points. If Auburn quarterback Cam Newton or Missouri's Blaine Gabbert is still available at No. 6, there's a chance teams would be interested in moving up. If it's the Washington Redskins, who hold the No. 10 pick, it would take a swap of first-round picks with Cleveland plus 300 points, according to the chart. That would be the equivalent of Washington's third- and fourth-round picks, give or take a few points.

But that's just one example for the division. Should the Pittsburgh Steelers move up to get Florida guard Mike Pouncey? Should the Baltimore Ravens move back for a second straight year to acquire more picks?

Check out the draft chart and see if it's worth it.