Derrick Mason: Roger Goodell is 'a joke'

The NFL commissioner won't like this one.

MasonMasonAs the antitrust hearing for the league and NFLPA begins in Minneapolis this week, Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason, who has never been afraid to speak his mind, had some strong words commissioner Roger Goodell.

Mason called Goodell "a joke" in response to the commissioner's demands that HGH testing be included in the new collective bargaining agreement.

"He's been on this crusade about HGH, but he needs to be on a crusade about getting these owners together and trying to work out a deal," Mason said on the "Norris and Davis Show" on 107.5 in Baltimore. "To me, he's a joke, because every time I look, he's talking about performance enhancements instead of talking about trying to figure out a way to make sure football is played in August."


As expected, players are getting restless and frustrated with the lockout. Most teams would have started its offseason programs by now, and the comments seem to get more harsh from both sides each week.

A deal doesn't seem to be in the works any time in the near future. So the war of words likely will continue.