Morning take: Ravens or Orioles?

Here are the most interesting stories Saturday in the AFC North:

Morning take: I would like to hear from Ravens fans on this one. Growing up near Washington D.C., I recall baseball being huge in Baltimore. There was also a lengthy period without football once the Colts left for Indianapolis.

Morning take: This is a hypothetical question since the Bengals seem content to call Palmer's bluff. But I agree with this article that Cincinnati should, at the very least, explore trade options to see what's available in the event a team is willing to overspend.

Morning take: Georgia receiver A.J. Green could definitely help the Browns and quarterback Colt McCoy. But Cleveland is in desperate need of defensive linemen after switching to a 4-3 defense this season.

Morning take: Ward is a winner. So I'm not surprised he's doing well and putting his all into this competition. If Ward wins, does that give him a one-up on rival Chad Ochocinco, who finished fourth?