Remember last year: Pre-draft edition

The NFL draft is a special time for fans to get excited for all 32 teams.

For the good teams, it's a chance to plug a few holes. For bad teams, it's the best opportunity to turn around the franchise.

But with so much guessing and speculation that goes on leading up to the draft, the AFC North blog decided to look back and see what interesting comments were made by our community one year ago.


Cincinnati Bengals

  • "I hope Cincy gets a veteran TE instead of taking Jermaine Gresham. That way they could get S Taylor Mays."

  • "I will be a sad panda if the Bengals draft a TE in the first round."

  • "I'm going to cry if the Bengals draft a TE in the first round."

  • "Maurkice Pouncey must be considered for Cincy at 21."

  • "Cincy is going to be really good for a number of seasons. Young team and they did not lose anyone that they didn't want to lose this offseason. With another solid draft this team will only get stronger and more dangerous."

Cleveland Browns

  • "I don't think the Browns are as interested in Joe Haden as they are Earl Thomas or Eric Berry because of the trade to get Sheldon Brown."

  • "I have a feeling we'll be taking Earl Thomas at No. 7. Then, trade back into the late-first round for Colt McCoy."

  • "Jimmy Clausen to Browns."

  • "To be honest, I wouldn't be upset with the Browns trading down to get Taylor Mays in the end of the first [round]."

  • "Browns win the division."

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • "I keep seeing Maurkice Pouncey as the projected pick for the Steelers. I'm not in favor of it." (Editor's note: Only one person in our community could have said this one.)

  • "I was just thinking of WR Golden Tate to take the place of Hines Ward in a year of two when he retires."

  • "You dealt Santonio Holmes for a fifth-round pick, you better draft some big-time players."

  • "Hey Steelers fans, since the news about Big Ben keeps getting worse, how would you feel about trading him to the Rams for their No. 1 pick, then signing Jason Campbell?"

  • "I love how far the 'mighty' Steelers have fallen."

Baltimore Ravens

  • "Maybe Paul Kruger gets some time to play along side Haloti Ngata and Jared Odrick, which could make for a very interesting DL."

  • "The Ravens are not getting Terrence Cody unless they trade up. The Dolphins have their eyes set on Cody before the Ravens make the pick."

  • "Dez Bryant on the Ravens would have been very, very interesting."

  • "Troy Smith is better than Joe Flacco. Anyone that says Joe Flacco is a better QB needs to look at the stats that Flacco put up in the playoffs."

  • "Ravens are a lock for the Super Bowl from the sound of it."

Remember last year?