Blogger's perspective: Ryan Kerrigan

The AFC North blog continues its series this week on potential draft prospects for the division.

Friday we check back with Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg to get his perspective on Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan, who is getting a lot of interest from the Baltimore Ravens.

Adam, Kerrigan is one of the hotter prospects during this pre-draft period. What does Kerrigan bring to the table?

Adam Rittenberg: Everyone talks about his relentless motor, and for good reason. Kerrigan simply outworked opposing offensive linemen much of the time, breaking through double teams to make plays in the backfield. He might lack the ideal size or speed, but he brings it every time he's out there. Kerrigan also is excellent in the locker room, a likable, smart guy who won't cause any issues on the team. He likely needs to add weight for the NFL, and it's important that he doesn't lose speed in doing so. A potential concern is he didn't do much against Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi, the Big Ten's top offensive lineman. But there are few faults to find in Kerrigan's game.

Baltimore is interested in Kerrigan and runs a varying 3-4 and 4-3 defense. So what do you think of Kerrigan’s ability to stand up and play outside linebacker if needed?

Rittenberg: Kerrigan is undersized at around 260-263 pounds, so you'd think he can stand up as an outside linebacker if called upon. There are some questions about his speed, but he's not the type of guy you want to underestimate.