Blogger's perspective: Mike Pouncey

The AFC North blog continues its series Thursday on the most intriguing draft prospects for the division.

We check back with SEC blogger Chris Low to get his take on Florida center/guard Mike Pouncey, who is the twin brother of Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey. Mike Pouncey has drawn significant interest from the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

Chris, NFL scouts are falling in love with Mike Pouncey during this pre-draft process. What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Chris Low: The thing about Mike Pouncey is he's a lot like his brother in that he's a great leader. He's one of those guys you can plug in at center and he can play guard. I would say his best position might end up being guard. Physically, he's just a beast. He's so strong and a great run-blocker. Whoever drafts him will have a player who can play guard or center at the highest level. The only thing is he had a lot of trouble snapping the ball early. He had a lot of bad shotgun snaps. That wasn't as big a problem in the latter part of the season, but he did have some issues early. Florida also had some struggles protecting the quarterback. But I don't think that was as much a reflection of him as the guys around him who didn't play that great. But Mike is a really strong player and a guy I can see being somebody's anchor for 10 years in the league.

The Steelers really like Maurkice Pouncey's athleticism and ability to move in space. How does Mike Pouncey compare in that area?

Low: Both of them are great athletes on the offensive line. I think Mike is in the same ballpark as his brother with his ability to move. They're twins, and really if you put them side by side you probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart. In fact, when they were together I couldn't tell them apart when they didn't have their jerseys on. They are built the same way and on the field they both are really, really good athletes for interior offensive linemen. You're not going to find a lot of guards and centers who move better than those two. I would say Mike Pouncey will be drafted somewhere in the top 20 or 25 picks, which is about where his brother was picked.