Morning take: Indoor facility for Bengals?

Here are the most interesting stories Saturday in the AFC North:

Morning take: Longtime readers of the AFC North blog know I believe this is long overdue. I've heard plenty of grumbling about this behind the scenes in Cincinnati and perhaps this is a good first step in the right direction.

Morning take: The 1974 draft was even better. But landing players like Jack Ham, Mike Wagner and Dwight White three years prior helped set up Pittsburgh's Super Bowl runs in the 1970s.

Morning take: Quarterback, more than any other position, is defined by winning. They are the biggest decision-makers on the field and touch the ball on every play. It's no secret Flacco needs to perform better in big games.

Morning take: This week we did a poll and only 38 percent of fans believe Hillis will suffer from the vaunted Madden curse if he wins. But don't count Hillis among that 38 percent.